PGI 18.7 segv building OpenMPI with optimization at -O2+

OpenMPI version 3.1.2
Building with -O1 in CFLAGS succeeds. Building with -O2 through -O4 fails with:

pgcc-Fatal-/opt/pgi/linux86-64/18.7/bin/pgc TERMINATED by signal 11

File that causes the failure is gds_dstore.c

Am able to build OpenMPI 3.1.2 successfully with up to -O4 optimization with PGI 2014 through 2017. It’s only 18.7 that’s failing.

Hi Tom,

This is a known issue, we’re currently looking into it. Anything higher than -O1 seems to bomb out with 18.7.

I just updated to 18.10 and still have the problem.


I have the same problems with openmpi 4.0 and PGI 18.7.

Do you any fix for it ?

Please Let me know

thanks in advance

Francesco Iannone


The problem still persists in PGI 19.1.