Physx Destruct Multi FBX Duplicate FBX content

Hi Forum, New here so bare with me,
I searched the forum and couldn’t find a good answer to this.

Basically I’m having an issue with multi fbx objects (basically a building where one object is the tower and the second object is the base of the building) exported from Max. Upon fracturing, Phy-x creates what appears to be duplicates of the object.

Here are the steps im using to create the desctuctable with picture references to help evaluate the mistake I’m making.

Step 1 Import Multi Object FBX

Upon import Phys-x creates depth layer 1 <-seems to be working as intended

Step 2 Apply fracture Map

At this point I’m created a fracture map set to x+ only thickness 100 but ive also tried 50.

Step 3 Fracturing

Fracture produces additional fracture depth of 2, and only displays half of the model. This doesn’t look as intended. What I want to create are fractures that go through the entire building.

Step 4 Preview Depth and Playground show Duplicated Objects

When I check out the fracture results at either depth 1 or in playground it appears that each fbx object has been duplicated.

Obviously I know this has something to do with me but i can’t figure it out any suggestions on how I would resolve this. It only happens on multi fbx when I do tests of single FBX objects it works fine.

Thanks in Advance