Can't get proper "structural integrity" simulating destruction with MassFX PhysX3.4

Hi guys,

I’m working with MassFX to simulate destruction on structures with very large fragment counts, and no matter what I do my building completely falls down the moment it receives the initial kinematic object’s force.

My scene is a gigantic cylinder that has to squash everything in its path, and the moment it connects with one of our structures (it moves very slowly) the entire thing like completely shatters in to dozens of pieces, even though it is built with walls on all sides. It’s as if the force that the first contacting fragment receives is transferred all along the structure and every single other fragment is slightly affected. I’d expect only the wall being crushed to display damage and fragmentation (not the whole structure).

Note that this is not an issue of pieces intersecting with each other and being pushed outward. It’s like if my buildings were structurally incredibly weak. When the simulation ends they look like something small is being shattered. How can I get better “structural resistance”? I’ve been trying almost every parameter with no luck.