Inverted normals with destructible mesh in UE4.14.3, Physx Lab, PC

We’re having a problem where static meshes imported into Physx Lab, fractured, then exported as a .apb file and imported into Unreal 4.14.3 or higher results in the destructible mesh having inverted normals.

We’ve tried just about everything regarding FBX versions or OBJ but get the same results.

If the same static mesh is converted to a destructible mesh in UE4, the problem does not exhibit itself. However, we need to use Physx Lab since it’s the only way to generate multiple depths of destruction fracturing on the model. Here’s a screenshot of an asset with this problem -

Any help would be appreciated.

For this problem, it could be caused by the different PhysX SDK versions of UE4 and PhysXLab.Your PhysXLab uses PhysX SDK 3.3.x. But UE4.14 uses PhysX SDK 3.4.0. Can you email me at I will provide you a latest build PhysXLab for SDK 3.4.0.