physx foundation version not match with physx 3.4

I am new to PhysX, and I downloaded the newest release sdk of PhysX which 3.4. The foundation I am using is from PxShared which is built by the sln file in compiler folder. When I run the sample code from document I get the error shows:

…..\foundation\src\PsFoundation.cpp (127) : invalid parameter : Wrong version: foundation version is 0x01000000, tried to create 0x03040000

Here is the sample code:
static PxDefaultErrorCallback gDefaultErrorCallback;
static PxDefaultAllocator gDefaultAllocatorCallback;

mFoundation = PxCreateFoundation(PX_PHYSICS_VERSION, gDefaultAllocatorCallback,
fatalError(“PxCreateFoundation failed!”);

but if I change PX_PHYSICS_VERSION to PX_FOUNDATION_VERSION will be ok for initialization?

Is this critical? And what should I do to solve this problem?
Many thanks.