PhysX SDK sample demos, hardware mode not working properly

Ok, i got the solution for both kepler type 32/64-bit issues.
I had completely forgotten about Apex 2.8.4, which works in HW mode.

If anyone have the same issue, follow these instructions:

Download the APEXSDK-1.2.4-Build6-CL16501900-PhysX_2.8.4-WIN-VC10-BIN file.

32&64-bit Solution:

Go to …\bin\vc10win32-PhysX_2.8.4 or …\bin\vc10win64-PhysX_2.8.4 folder and copy the two files PhysXCore.dll & cudart32_41_22.dll or PhysXCore64.dll & cudart64_41_22.dll to your NVIDIA PhysX SDK\v2.8.4_win\Bin\win32 or NVIDIA PhysX SDK\v2.8.4_win\Bin\win64 folder.

That’s it, and will works, but i’m surprised that no one from nVidia Developer tried this also.

Best Regards!