PhysX 2.8.4 cannot recognize my GT 555M after reinstalling everthing

Hi, my laptop had a crash. So I reinstalled the OS, drivers, tools and the IDE, then finally imported my project as a whole. However, after compilation I found that m_gPhysicsSDK->getHWVersion() always returns NX_HW_VERSION_NONE which had never happened before. Since the NX_SIMULATION_SW flag still works, I assume the environment of PhysX is working. And I did do this:
NxPhysicsSDKDesc desc;
desc.flags &= ~NX_SDKF_NO_HARDWARE;(<—highlight here)
m_gPhysicsSDK = NxCreatePhysicsSDK(NX_PHYSICS_SDK_VERSION, NULL, NULL, desc);

Here is some info:

Win 8 Pro (With two graphics cards: Intel HD Graphics 3000 and GeForce GT 555m)
Visual Studio 2010

After a long time of searching/trial-error, I finally have to come back and ask the question. Has anyone had the same problem before? I have re-installed the laptop numerous times and it worked perfectly every time. Your help will be highly appreciated by a man driven crazy by this issue.