PhysX SDK sample demos, hardware mode not working properly

I was testing those Sample Demos (win64), e.g SampleCloth64, SampleSoftBody64, etc. given by PhysX SDK 2.8.4.
All the demos work fine under the software mode, but not under the hardware mode. Under the hardware mode, all the cloth, softbody, fluid objects cannot be created and disappear in the scene.

The error message in the console is:
D:…\PhysXSDK2.8.4\trunk\SDKs\Physics\src\NpPhysicsSDK.cpp(180): unknown error: Kernel execution failed.

The graphics card on my machine is nVidia GeForce GTX 660 which is CUDA supporting, PhysX supporting, and the OS is Vista 7 64-bit.

Any idea?

Could you please check if GPU PhysX is enabled in the NVIDIA Control Panel and you’re having the latest driver?

Hello, I’m having the same issue with these physX-Samples. I’m running them on a GTX670, Win7 64-bit.
I got the latest SystemSoftware and Driver. Under 3D-Settings->Configure Surround, PhysX I have set the processor to my GTX670. Do I have to do more to enable PhysX?

Yes. GPU PhysX enabled, with latest nVidia Driver and PhysX system software installed.

I have the exact same issue, I am using a GeForce GTX 650 Ti, on a Windows 7 64-bit, and the majority of the samples in the PhysX SDK work, except for just a few of the samples. These are from the PhysX SDK v 2.8.4. Also, the latest drivers are installed, as well as PhysX is set up to run on the GPU.

The following error:

D: sw physx PhysXSDK 2.8.4 trunk SDKs Physics src NpPhyscsSDK.cpp (180) :unknown error : Kernel execution failed

(as the slash character is not shown correctly in posts, I have replaced it with a space character)
is given when running SampleParticleFluid.exe, SampleCloth.exe, and SampleForceField.exe. This happens for both the 32-bit and 64-bit versions.

A more general question: Is the PhysX 2.8.X SDK still under maintenance or it is going to be/already deprecated by nVidia?

It seems that most of recent update are on PhysX 3.x which is completely rewritten, but PhysX 3.x is just a faster cheap-brother of PhysX 2.8.X, i.e. most of critical functionality like soft-body modelling and general collision detection on an arbitrary mesh obstacle, are lost. PhysX 3.x is good for gaming but completely useless in the context of my application…


Very sorry for the problems!
Indeed, we are planning to deprecate PhysX-2.8.4. If you could switch your project to the latest version, PhysX-3.2.2, I think it would be better for you and for our support team in the long term. We realize that some projects will not be able to switch easily, so we do intend to support PhysX-2.8.4 to the extent possible, for at least the next several months.

However we do have build that is compatible with the latest video cards, and indeed I thought we had posted that to the downloads site. Are any of you using PhysX-2.8.4 from a very recent download, or did you upgrade your video cards and find the failure using an older installation of PhysX-2.8.4?
By the way, PhysX-2.8.4 has no dependency on the PhysX System Software.

The version I downloaded and installed was PhysX_2.8.4.6_for_PC_Core

from the nVidia Developer Support Center.

Is that the most recent version of PhysX 2.X series?

Any new info on how to fix that error?

Sorry, still trying to get the build out the door. I’ll try to have it done early next week.


Hi again,

Download this zip file, extract the PhysXCore.dll, and copy it to the Win32 binaries directory of your 2.8.4 SDK, e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\NVIDIA Corporation\NVIDIA PhysX SDK\v2.8.4_win\Bin\win32.

That should fix the Kepler hardware issue with the 2.8.4 release for Win32. I don’t have a Win64 binary yet.


Hi, thank you for the effort but when I click on the link I only get “Invalid deptID in URL. Please make sure you have the entire, correct URL.” :(

Hi, thank you for the effort but when I click on the link I only get “Invalid deptID in URL”
Log-in into dev. support center and download it manually.
Old Downloads > PhysX SDK 2.8.4 > Kepler patch for Win32

Alright! Thank you Reticula for directions and you Mike for the patch! :-)

Great to see this fix. Will the x64 version of patch be ready any time soon?

Where can i dowload THIS PATCH??? it does not work on the website nor the link. Was the x64 version ever implemented?



Sorry, that download link is for the old support site,,do you have a login? Log in to the site before clicking the link for the download.

I don’t have an X64 patch, I’ll look into it.


Im sorry the link still is not working, i click on it and even If am logged in to nothing comes up. I have no idea what i am doing wrong. Maybe it doesnt work well on chrome? I trien IE also.

Hallo MikePhysX,
I’ve the same issue on my OS: Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit, GPU: GeForce GTX 760, i7-4770 CPU @ 3.40GHz system.
I’m looking for Kepler patch for win32 system, that was described above.

Thanks in Advance!

Unfortunately from the old site the kepler architecture patch has been removed.

Can anyone upload the kepler PhysXCore.dll patch file or pm me, thanks!

Regards, Robert.