2.8.1 in Linux


Short version: What is the Linux equivalent of the PhysX system software for Windows?

Long version: I’m trying to run a physics simulation using PhysX in a Linux environment, using v2.8.1 of the SDK. When I go to initialize my NxPhysicsSDK object with NxCreatePhysicsSDK (from PhysXLoader), I always get a null object back. This happens on Windows if the system software is not installed. So I believe I’m missing some critical components on the Linux, such as the PhysX system software for Windows. However, there is no system software installation for Linux, so is there something else I need to install/build/link to get this working? I’m perfectly fine with PhysX only running on the CPU. No GPU processing is required.

Thanks in advance for any help

So I have a little more info and some thoughts on this issue.

I run into the same issue when attempting to run the samples that come with the SDK. The error I receive is:

SDK create error (1 - NXCE_PHYSX_NOT_FOUND).
Unable to initialize the PhysX SDK, exiting the sample.

Now I checked the error being returned by the createSDK function in my code, and it is set to the same thing (NXCE_PHYSX_NOT_FOUND). So I’m sure that what I’m missing is the system software, but they do not release system software for Linux. From what I can tell, I need to cobble together the necessary libraries myself. I managed to find most of them in the SDK or elsewhere, but there is one that I suspect is critical that I’m unable to find: PhysXDevice (or its Linux equivalent).

Does anyone know where I could find this or what the name of this library is in Linux? Is there a list somewhere of the necessary libraries for getting this up and running on Linux? Has anyone here ever successfully used PhysX on Linux?

Thanks for any help