How to use PhysX in android project?

Anybody have small example with working PhysX on android?
I’ve tried link PhysX libraries in NSight Tegra Visual Studio Edition, but still have
many linker errors when using PxCreatePhysics function.
PhysX SDK Samples are useless because have very complicated makefiles. I need simplest example
where one C++ function calls PxCreateFoundation, PxCreatePhysics, createScene and release created objects.
(I hope if basic function will work then other functionality will be working too, if not then this is
very bad)


We’ll try to get something together ASAP. Sorry for the difficulties, and thank you for your patience.


@MikePhysX : Is there any progress?
I’ve tried to run
PhysX\Samples\AndroidActivities project,
but it gives me an error in logcat :
04-25 09:31:24.709: E/AndroidRuntime(14133): java.lang.RuntimeException: Unable to start activity ComponentInfo{com.nvidia.physx.samples/com.nvidia.physx.samples.SamplesActivity}: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Unable to find native library: Samples

Please help! I need this working ASAP !

we’re still working to pull this together - sorry for the delay

Has anything showed up? I also need a small simple example of app using PhysX for Android.

I’m interested too, is already one up?