Please sort out the DX12 (vkd3d-proton) performance under Linux

It time to shed a light on this, it seems like DX12 games does not perform very well under Linux.
I think the problem lies somewhere in the driver and not really vkd3d-proton itself.
As a comparison, here are two screenshots,
Linux (X11):


As you can see there’s a huge difference in Avg./Lowest FPS.
I have basically tried every trick in the book, nothing I make on “user level” helps much (vk3d3 versions, proton versions, kernels, drivers etc).


As a comparison, Linux can really shine (It’s pretty amazing considering we use 2 layers, Wine and DXVK.
This is a benchmark from a random DX11 game i just picked, AC Odyssey.
Linux (X11):


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