Pls help! Error - DCC Physx plugin for Max 2016

Hi everyone!

I’m using 3ds Max 2016 and after i installed the Physx DCC plugin (PhysX: 3D Studio Max DCC plug-in for PhysX 3-3-4 version 3.4) i get several error messages complaining about the Macro_PhysX_Buttons macro script etc.!!


Also some buttons are working (like Create Clothing) but some buttons NOT work at all (like Rigid Body creation).

The error message is the same every time.

I installed everything properly copying the files to the appropriate folder in max directory:

Can someone help me maybe? I see lots of people complaining about this on the internet on different forums but seemingly nobody replies or knows the answer.

Thanks in advance! Have a nice day!

Anyone?? O.o