Problems with PhysX plug-in and 3ds max 2014


I have run into some problems with physX plugin for 3ds max 2014
(3ds Max 2014 64bit PhysX plug-in 2.89.00705.01090)

First one is when i try to use “mParticles Flow” and “mP World” in particle View. They crash 3ds max while PhysX is running in 3.x mode. It has no idea there is PhysX 3.x out there.

Same thing happens with 3ds max 2013 and subscription extension (MassFX World) and any PhysX plugin

Second problem is when i try to change physX mode i get maxscript error:

Hope to see both problems fixed (And yes i did send bug report (No idea if someone read it though))

For the first problem, the crash happens with 3.x and mParticles. Does it crash with 2.x?
For 2013 Extension, do you update 3ds Max to latest patch? please uninstall PhysX Plugin before upgrading 3ds Max patches.
For the second problem, I have made a fix. You can also fix it manually by changing
for i in $ do (append oldSelection i)
for i in $selection do (append oldSelection i)

No. It crash when the plugin runs in 3.x mode. In 2.x mode it does not crash.

Looks like mParticles needs a patch to suport PhysX 3.x

The crash is same as with max 2014, physx plugin runs in physX 3.x mode, when it runs in 2.x mode it does not create crash

This fixed the problem and i am able to change modes again

Glad to know that script problem solved.
For the crash issue, it is a pity that it requires something in mParticles. We cannot fix it simply in our plugin. So, you will have to avoid using it when 3.x.

According to the person that orginally made mParticles before it became part of 3ds max

physx used by mParticles depends on whatever version MassFX uses in 3ds Max. And since PhysX plugin overwrites MassfX it should be possible to add suport for PhysX 3.x for mParticles

Since at some point PhysX plugin will probably no longer suport version 2.x then it will pose a problem.

If mParticles have to be updated by autodesk it might be a good idea if someone could ask them to add suport for physX 3.x in mParticles and MassFX.

Unless people developing PhysX plugin are planning to suport particle systems in their own way when they will at some point will be adding Apex Particles and ApeX Turbulence to the plugin :)

thanks for the information!

Hey !

I got exactly the same problem on 3DS MAX 2014 with thinging particles 5 when I launch the cache process (or just like that randomly) 3DS MAX crash… :(

I am using :
Windows 10
3DS MAX 2014
PhysX 3.x
Thinking 5

I have open the crash dump file and it just said that the tread (3DS MAX) doesn’t have the right to acess to a ressource (but I am running with the admin right…)

Do you have any Ideas ?

Thank per advance,