Plugins or tools to draw on gstreamer pipeline

Is there any tools or plugins which allows to draw on Gstreamer pipeline? I would like to draw a line or mask the pipeline with different shapes?

You con use nvivafilter plugin to access NVMM buffers. Please refer to this post:
Tx2-4g r32.3.1 nvivafilter performance - #16 by DaneLLL

I downloaded the nvsample_cudaprocess_src.tbz2 but I couldn’t compile it because of lacking the cuda-toolkit package. Then I used the sdkmanager to install the Jetson SDk Components which includes the CUDA installation. However, my nano doesn’t have enough memory to install all of that.
Is it mandatory to install CUDA stuff to work with nvivafilter plugin?
Is there any way to just install the CUDA stuff?
How much of the memory do I need in order to install CUDA?

Please compile it on Jetson Nano. The makefile is for building it on target. Cross compiling may not work properly.

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