pop and clic noise with TX2 i2s audio !

hello all, I connected an adafruit MAX98357A 3W i2s audio(mono) amplifier to J21 i2s pins.
connection is correct, soldered.

I can play audio without any problems, with nice audio.
But, when i play audio, i hear a big POP just before playing, and a CLIC nearly 2s after end play.

But, as Adafruit told me, it could be caused by the TX2 !!

They say that, if the tx2 goes to 0v when no audio, and play a wav, the power on creates the pop.

at the end of play, a clic sounds when return to 0v!

Is it the case ??

Is there a solution ?? (pop and clic are very high and I can(t stay with this problem)

Thanks all.

Hi elpimous12,

Did you capture the signal wave from of I2S when pop/clic coming out? Basically pop/clic is generated by charging of cap, but I2S is digital signal, it is hard to generate that.

hi Trumany. Thanks for quick answer…

I record sound with a respeaker usb mic, so, no i2s capture.

I did an audio sample captures with my phone :

  • usb mic removed
  • noise is the same while playing a youtube video, playing a on disk wav…

Thanks for help


I mean you can use oscilloscope to check the waveform of I2S signals from TX2 to MAX98357A to see if there is problem. If no issue on waveform, the noise might be from analog device, the amplifier.

Thanks. I ll try it.