Porting RTOS on Jetson AGX Xavier

Is it possible to port any RTOS like freeRTOS or AzureRTOS on Jetson AGX Xavier / Orin /Nano?
If possible means please share me the steps or procedure.
Thanks in advance.

do you mean running RTOS in CCPLEX? Sorry that’s not supported.


Thanks for your reply.
So it’s not possible that we can port freeRTOS on Jetson Devices ?

I’m afraid that the answer is no. It’s a too huge task to port a new OS, other than officially supported Linux, to CCPLEX.

You may either consider RT patch in Linux as L4T supports, or move some simple, but highly time-sensitive tasks to SPE, which is also supported by L4T.


In the following nvidia forum, they mentioned latest SPE sources support FreeRTOS reference implementation on NX (and AGX/TX2) as you mentioned. (FreeRTOS port on nano)
Is there any documentation for to do that?

You can check the corresponding BSP page and get SPE packages, which also includes the guide/doc for how to bring-up SPE and some demos.
For example, BSP 32.5, visit
L4T 32.5 Archive | NVIDIA Developer
Search SPE, and that may help.