FreeRTOS port on nano

The FreeRTOS documentation seems to list support of TX2 & AGX.
Is the nano supported by FreeRTOS port? Is NX supported?

Hi @Andrey1984, the latest SPE sources support FreeRTOS reference implementation on NX (and AGX/TX2)

Nano/TX1 doesn’t support it, as it doesn’t have the ARM R5 core that runs it.

Thank you for your response!
It seems that the guide is availbble via the url is for
32.2 2019/07/10
Would the reference steps be updated ?
apart of the guide the source package seems to include TX2 & AGX reference steps in the readme/docs .
My idea was to enable SPE if possible on UART of NX where NMEA comes from GPS. I assumed that it might reduce latency. I understood that first somehow firmware would need to be flashed to deviice [as I did previously for AGX using the readme instructions]. Then some extra steps not sure which might have been required.