Porting TLV320AIC3104 Audio Codec Source Code as a Driver Package to Linux Kernel for Nvidia Jetson Orin NX

I’m currently embarking on the challenge of integrating the TLV320AIC3104 audio codec with the Nvidia Jetson Orin NX platform. I’ve successfully obtained the source code for the codec, which is available at TLV320AIC3XSW-LINUX Driver or library | TI.com.

My current objective is to port this source code as a driver package to the Linux kernel for the Jetson Orin NX. I’m seeking guidance on the essential steps and considerations required for accomplishing this task effectively.

If anyone within the community has experience or insights into porting source code to the Linux kernel specifically as a driver package for audio codec integration with the Jetson Orin NX, I would be immensely grateful for any advice or assistance you can provide.

Thank you sincerely for your time and support.


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Hi Pranal,

Please provide information regarding which JP release are you using. Accordingly, I shall provide the codec integration guide. For ex: for JP 6.0 link guides you on how to integrate codec

The source code is already present in the BSP source that nvidia shares for building kernel image or DTB. So you many need to just enable the relevant below codec configs for the TLVAIC3x codec driver to compile. Ref: link as to how to enable below configs

Other important links for reference:
Troubleshooting : link
Overall Audio BSP documentation: link