Possibility of upgrading BlueField-2 DPU kernel version using Ubuntu HWE

I have a use case that requires a feature available in a kernel version newer than the one provided in the Ubuntu 22.04 BFB (which comes with kernel 5.15).
More specifically, I need the XDP support for uplink representors in SwitchDev mode that was introduced in kernel 6.0 (Ref. 3015063).

Currently, I am running the Ubuntu 22.04 with the default kernel in two BlueField-2 DPUs. But, to suffice my use case, I plan to upgrade the kernel version in the DPUs using the Hardware Enablement (HWE) kernel provided by Ubuntu, which for version 22.04 is kernel 6.5.

Some dependencies like MLNX_OFED are compiled against a specific kernel version, and I think it would need to be recompiled after the kernel upgrade.

Is this upgrade possible/supported? Is there any documentation on rebuilding and installing the necessary packages for the new kernel?
If not, is there any other way to get a newer kernel?

There is a reference: (Building your own BFB installation image)
BFB (BlueField boot stream and OS installer) build environment

I tried building my installation image but wasn’t able to.

There is a lack of documentation on installing the required dependencies in DEB-based systems, the README only has examples of how to do it for RPB-based ones. Also, the documentation asks for installing MLNX_OFED and Bluefield SoC drivers, but the referenced repo for version 4.6 “Index of /public/repo/bluefield/4.6.0-13035” doesn’t contain the MLNX_OFED and has no Deb packages for BlueField SoC drivers.

What I’m really asking is: how to get MLNX_OFED and BlueField SoC drivers for DEB-based systems?