Installing ubuntu22.04 on BlueField-2 DPU


I used sdkmanager to install ubuntu22.04 on BlueField-2 DPU, but it stuck on flashing.

info:  INFO[BL31]: runtime
info:  INFO[UEFI]: eMMC init
info:  INFO[UEFI]: UPVS valid  
info:  INFO[UEFI]: eMMC probed
info:  INFO[UEFI]: PMI: updates started
info:  INFO[UEFI]: PMI: boot image update
info:  INFO[UEFI]: PMI: updates completed, status 0
info:  INFO[UEFI]: PCIe enum start
info:  INFO[UEFI]: PCIe enum end
info:  ERR[UEFI]:
info: Synchronous Exception at 0xF584EB10
info:  ERR[UEFI]: PC=0xF584EB10 (0x1B10) [ 0] OobEthDxe.dll
info:  ERR[UEFI]: PC=0xFDE1F554 (0x6554) [ 1] DxeCore.dll
info:  ERR[UEFI]: PC=0xFDE2E488 (0x15488) [ 1] DxeCore.dll
info:  ERR[UEFI]: PC=0xF16DC4EC
info:  ERR[UEFI]: PC=0xF16D6C18
info:  ERR[UEFI]: X0=0x50 X1=0xFA376018 X2=0xF584EB04 X3=0x1088
info:  ERR[UEFI]: X4=0x7D14 X5=0x80 X6=0xB0 X7=0xD10C
info:  ERR[UEFI]: X8=0xD108 X9=0xD100 X10=0xF5B008E0 X11=0x0
info:  ERR[UEFI]: X12=0x8 X13=0x4 X14=0x30 X15=0x4
info:  ERR[UEFI]: X16=0xF5B006A8 X17=0x313078302C313130 X18=0x0 X19=0xFDE33000
info:  ERR[UEFI]: X20=0xFA376DE0 X21=0xFDE34638 X22=0x4 X23=0xFDE34640
info:  ERR[UEFI]: X24=0xFDE33098 X25=0xFA376D98 X26=0x10 X27=0x100

Does it mean that flash failed?

Also I tried to flash OS manually using bfb-install command, but it also showed me the same logs.

How can I flash Ubuntu22.04 to bluefield-2?
If 22.04 is not available, how can I download bfb file for 20.04?

Hello cerotyki,

Thank you for posting your inquiry to the NVIDIA Developer Forums.

The Ubuntu 22.04 .bfb image is available as part of DOCA 2.0.2 - you can acquire the image via the menu at the bottom of the following page:
Version 2.0.2 → “DOCA + BlueField OS Ubuntu Server 22.04 Image”

DOCA 1.5.2-LTS uses an Ubuntu 20.04 image for the .bfb, if the above image fails please attempt using this DOCA version and image instead:
Version 1.5.2-LTS → “DOCA + BlueField OS Ubuntu Server 20.04 Image”

Please follow the instructions in the following guide for image flash operations:

Should none of the above work, and if this device is covered by support entitlement, please open a support ticket with NVIDIA Enterprise Experience for further debug:

NVIDIA Enterprise Experience

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