BlueField 2.0.2 installation fails

I’m trying the “default” installation for DOCA 2.0.2, that is not changing the selection and running with sdkmanager --cli install --logintype devzone --product DOCA --version 2.0.2 --targetos Linux --host --target BLUEFIELD2_DPU_TARGETS --flash all but I got this error :

│--rshim rshim0 --config ./bf.cfg                                      │
│error: syntax: bfb-install --bfb|-b <BFBFILE> [--config|-c <bf.cfg>]  │
│\                                                                     │
│error: [--rootfs|-f <rootfs.tar.xz>] --rshim|-r <rshimN> [--help|-h]  │
│info: [ Package Install Finished with Error ]                         │
│info: [host] [ 4.00 KB used. Disk Avail: 55.85 GB ]                   │
│info: [ NV_BLUEFIELD_OS_IMAGE_FLASH_COMP Install took 3s ]            │
│info:                                                                 │
│error: command terminated with error

Anybody had that before?

That’s the install summary :

      - Install Environment Setup on Host: Installed
      - DOCA SDK Libraries and Drivers: Up-to-date
      - DOCA Runtime: Installed
      - DOCA Tools for Host x86: Installed
      - BlueField OS Image (Ubuntu Server): Installed
      - Flash BlueField OS: Failed
      - Install Environment Setup on Host for Target Image: Installed
      - Firmware Tools (MFT): Installed
      - RSHIM: Installed
      - DateTime Target Setup: DependencyFailure
      - Target Firmware Upgrade: DependencyFailure
      - DOCA SDK Libraries and Drivers: DependencyFailure
      - DOCA Runtime: DependencyFailure
      - DOCA Tools for BlueField Target: DependencyFailure

  ===== Installation failed - Total 14 components =====
  ===== 7 succeeded, 1 failed, 1 up-to-date, 5 skipped =====

I couldn’t find a relevant detailed log…

So I removed everything doca and OFED related, rebooted, and now I get stuck in image flashing

│info:  INFO[UEFI]: eMMC probed
││info:  INFO[UEFI]: PMI: updates started
││info:  INFO[UEFI]: PMI: boot image update
││info:  INFO[UEFI]: PMI: updates completed, status 0
││info:  INFO[UEFI]: PCIe enum start
││info:  INFO[UEFI]: PCIe enum end
││info:  INFO[UEFI]: exit Boot Service
││info:  INFO[others]: Found bf.cfg
││info:  INFO[others]: Ubuntu installation started
││info:  INFO[others]: Installing OS image

I got a message telling me this is longer than usual.

Funnily, just running sudo bfb-install --rshim rshim0 --bfb with the image downloaded online works…

But now I can’t find the default password of that latest image… And anyway I’m not sure there’s nothing to do after bfb-install as the DOCA install is cut short.

Hi, I am stuck too with installing any of the 2004 or 2204 ubuntu bfb on my smartNICs. None of them work now, as hang up during a flashing process.
My process actually stopped at the exit Boot Service part, and nothing happened after that, even if leaving the machine up and running for hours.

What is the main host system you use and can you share the exact image path that was working for you?

My issue with screenshots is here

Sorry, that’s different than me. Have you tried to contact support? I’d highly suggest to buy a support package. They’re efficient.

OIC. Okay, I thought raising issues here is the best and fastest way to get feedback on issues :)

Can you point me to the support package?


I’m just a customer like you and this is my personal opinion :) This forum can help you sometimes but there are not that many people passing by, and problems are often specific.

Just mail (not sure about the mail address, but there must be a redirect) and I guess at some point they will tell you how to buy it. Though maybe you can only purchase when you buy the card…