Power draw of DDR and SOC in Jetson Xavier NX Dev kit


I can’t figure out which power measurement in tegrastats or jtop includes the DDR power on Xavier NX. ie: Is DDR included in VDD_SOC? Or is there any way to find DDR power (VDDRQ) on Xavier NX?

Also, is VDD_IN the total power for the Xavier NX module or just the SOC + DDR?

I tried looking through the Xavier TRM but couldn’t figure these details out.


We’re discussing internally, will do the update soon.

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Only VDD_IN, VDD_GPU and VDD_SOC are measured by a power monitor in module, so no separated DDR power data. The VDD_IN data means the 5V power rail which is the whole system power supply.

Please Note that VDD_IN is Jetson-Nano total Module power. The Base Board power is not included in that.