Interpretation of Jetson NX power rail


I would like to know, what do the following power rails correspond to (in the “Tegra Linux Driver Package Development Guide”, section: power_management_jetson_xavier) ?

I understand that:
• VDD_IN: it corresponds to the global power consumption of the board

but my questions are for:
• VDD_CPU_GPU: does it correspond to the consumption of the CPU and GPU on the board? Why, in tegrastats, and older version of the “Tegra Linux Driver Package Development Guide”, the power rail is named VDD_CPU_GPU _CV? What does CV stand for? (Codec Video?)
• VDD_SOC: what is included in the SOC? Does it include CPU/GPU ? Does it include NVDLA?

In resume, according to this image, where are the modules that are taken into account by VDD_CPU_GPU and VDD_SOC?

Finally, why the power consumed by VDD_CPU_GPU+VDD_SOC is much smaller than VDD_IN?

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Thomas Goudemant

VDD_IN is the total power of module.
VDD_CPU_GPU is VDD_CPU_GPU_CV. CV includes DLA, PLA and etc.
There are other parts like DDR and interface power rails are included in VDD_IN domain.

Thank you Trumany for your reply,

What does PLA mean and VDD_SOC refers to?

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Hi, it is in the module and not public info.

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