Power Mizer Always AC on Linux

I use Ubuntu 16.10 and GeForce GT 520M. Nvidia-367 driver installed. When I take a look Power Mizer section on Nvidia X Server Settings, Power Source shows always AC even if I unplug the AC.
It looked to me this situation cause a negative effect on battery life.

Rather than this problem, I will be appreciated if you tell me if there is any setting for maximum power save on battery power. I only see Prefer Maximum Performance and Adaptive.


Please run nvidia-bug-report.sh and attach output to your post.
Probably just missing acpi daemon/infrastructure.
Unfortunately, there’s no way to set minimum performance manually, was a feature request here sometime ago but didn’t raise much interest.


Ooops, sorry. Didn’t read your OP properly. You’re running an older driver, it’s a known bug fixed in newer ones. Just upgrade.

That’s it. Thank you :)