Powermizer: avoid lowest performance level (0) in adaptive mode ?


Is it possible to tweak Powermizer so that it avoids the very lowest performance level in adaptive mode ? The lowest level (0) causes general sluggishness (Compiz) and other problems for me, like triggering this bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/compiz/+bug/1077639. I want Powermizer to effectively use level 1 as “idle level” instead.

I know about the “Prefer max perf” mode which pins the GPU at max performance level (2), but this is something I’d like to avoid as well, because it heats up the GPU and causes more fan noise when machine is really just idling.

My GPU is a GT 440 (desktop machine). It has three perf levels, and the lowest and problematic one is 50/135/101 MHz for GPU/MEM/PROC respectively.



The same problem exists in KDE. And no, it’s not possible. I have to force the driver to use a higher profile, while what I really need is only avoid the low one.

Same here with GT 440.