Primary screen wrong and strange vertical scroll problem


I am using driver 346.35 on a 64 bit Linux on my Dell Precision M6800 Laptop. I believe the card is a Quadro K3100M.

I have two monitors: the laptop itself, and a Dell external monitor.

I removed xorg.conf and created a new one with nvidia-xconfig.

I have two problems:

  1. The external Dell is displaying as my primary monitor. All of the menus are appearing on the external monitor rather than the laptop. (Although both monitors are working and displaying independent things.)

  2. When I put the cursor in the laptop monitor and move the mouse all the way down, the external monitor scrolls up. I can correct the external monitor by placing the pointer on that monitor and moving it all the way up.

One additional fact, I have been able to get everything working if I attach the external monitor with a VGA cable. I have all these problems when I try to use an HDMI cable. (Note that the HDMI cable and monitor work fine with other machines.) I need to get HDMI working because that is what the office uses when doing presentations.

Thank you.

Blake McBride

nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (220 KB)