Problem booting on custom Carrier board

I have a custom designed carrier board for Orin AGX. the power system comes up according to auto-power on sequence. no micro, just simple timing of SV_PWRT first, then MV and HV power next. force recovery held high, system reset held low until all voltage rails up and stable. carrier power on holds carrier power on, no issues. the system seems to boot for 20secs or so, but then go to a lower power state. nothing ever comes up on screen though the DP circuit was replicated exact. If you look in Windows device manager Nvidia APX icon comes up under USB devices. When trying to flash the module when connected to custom carrier it hangs. see attached log. it seems to hang due to usb timeout. we think its booting automatically to recovery mode.

what items would cause this behavior?
does GPIO31 need a defined state?
is diplay port active in recovery mode?

out2.log.txt (11.1 KB)

Please also dump log from serial console during booting.

It doesnt dump anything, so no log can be recorded. I believe we found what the issue is. we need to config the DT for MB1 to match our custom carrier config and change the EEPROM Board ID read to 0.

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