Problem drawing some windows in the nvvp


I’m using nvvp in a remote RHEL 7.0 with oracle Java 1.8.101 accessing by VNC. I can’t use a local nvvp that profile a remote server because I have a 32 bits laptop and I can’t install de sdk in the laptop.

And my problem is that the nvvp doesn’t draw or fill some windows, like for example setting the options of a new profile, or the list of kernels,…

In the console just show at launch time some errors.

Do u know how can I resolved it???


any idea what is it the origin of the problem???

Hello phirus, sorry the delay, but I cannot see your picture as they are too small.

Ouch!!! Sorry

I have create a new images that show up the error and also I’ve reuploaded it in fullsize

P.S: About the errors in the console, forget it. they are already resolved and the console is clean

Em…looks interesting, nvvp is just a wrapper of nvprof, it looks like that the system misses some Java libs.

Hi phirus,

Looks like you’re using java 8, right? AFAIK we develop nvvp with java 7, could you have a try on oracle JDK or OpenJDK 1.7? Thank you.

Best Regards