Visual Profiling error while start new session

Hello, when I run nvvp the application is start, selecting new session I’m getting error message can’t find depended DLL, Check that CUPTI DLL is no your path environment. It is in the local folder <CUDE_DIR>/extra/CUPT/lib64 and the application crashed
I’m running VP ver. 11.1 on windows 10 platform with Nvidia GTX 1070


Sorry, it is not clear whether you set the PATH environment variable to the path of the CUPTI library. Please set it before launching the NVVP.
“Visual Profiler and nvprof use dynamic/shared CUPTI library. Thus it’s required to set the path to the CUPTI library before launching Visual Profiler and nvprof on Windows. CUPTI library can be found at “C:\Program Files\NVIDIA GPU Computing Toolkit\CUDA<cuda-toolkit>\extras\CUPTI\lib64” for Windows.”

Also NVVP requires JRE version 1.8 to be installed in the system. Refer to the section Setting up Java Runtime Environment for more details.

Hii mjain,

I tried by setting the

Varible name : CUPTI DLL
Varible path : C:\Program Files\NVIDIA GPU Computing\Toolkit\CUDA\v11.5\extras\CUPTI\lib64

Still im facing same issue. kindly share more details to solve this problem.

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Hii mjain,
I add the path as you suggested and it start working, thanks for your reply

Good to know that issue is resolved. Thanks!

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