Profile Error: com.nvidia.viper.jni.NativeCupti

Hello :

Here are some error happened when I using Nsight to Profile program.

The error is : Could not initialize class com.nvidia.viper.jni.NativeCupti
prifile Error

This happened just after upgrade CudaToolkit from 10.0 to 10.2, as well, the Ubuntu from 16.04 to 18.04

And the NVIDIA Visual Profiler can be used.

So, is there anything wrong with my Nsight? And how to fix it?

What is the version of your java? You can check it using

sudo update-alternatives --config java

if you are using jre-11 download jre-8 and set the default to jre-8.

sudo apt install openjdk8-jre


Please check whether setting the path to the CUPTI library before launching the Nsight helps in resolving the issue.

This is documented as a known issue in the profiler user guide

Starting with CUDA 10.2, Visual Profiler and nvprof use dynamic/shared CUPTI library. Thus it’s required to set the path to the CUPTI library before launching Visual Profiler and nvprof. CUPTI library can be found at /usr/local//extras/CUPTI/lib64 or /usr/local//targets//lib for POSIX platforms and “C:\Program Files\NVIDIA GPU Computing Toolkit\CUDA<cuda-toolkit>\extras\CUPTI\lib64” for Windows.