When running the Nvidia Visual Profiler, it repeatedly throws up a “CUPTI_ERROR_NOT_COMPATIBLE” error.

I have come across the https://devtalk.nvidia.com/default/topic/819120/unable-to-profile-tk1-21-3-cuda-application-cupti-error/ link.

One of the facts on the post mentioned is:
“My board configuration is L4T 21.3 (3.10.40-gc017b03) and my computer is running Ubuntu 12.04 (64bits) and a Nvidia driver 346.47, cuda 6.5 toolkit.”
& the solution it shares is:
“To remove that I had to migrate my computer to CUDA 7.0.”

I have two questions:

  1. How do I check my board configuration as described above? I have run nvidia-smi & the defalt deviceQuery examples and neither appears to have helped my case.
  2. My current NVIDIA driver version: NVIDIA-SMI 367.57 Driver Version: 367.57
    & CUDA Toolkit installed is CUDA 8.0, therefore the latest version of the driver. How do I resolve the above issue?

Thanks and Regards.

Hi maanitm,

“CUPTI_ERROR_NOT_COMPATIBLE” means the nvprof cannot find the compatible driver, could you tell me if you use mobile board or PC?

If you use mobile board, you should use the compatible cuda toolki. If you use the PC, the latest driver on nvidia web site will work with the cuda 8.0

Best Regards

Hi Harry,

Thank you for the response!
I will try this out as soon as possible and get right back.

Thanks and Regards.

Hi, I have same error while trying to profile example from CUDA 8.0 template project in Visual Studio 2015, updated Nvidia drivers today.

Any ideas?
Thanks in advance!

Windows 10
Visual Profiler 7.0
CUDA 8.0

Hi, Kestutis

What about Visual Profiler 8.0?

What’s your toolkit and driver version exactly ?

Hi, veraj,

Solved. It worked with Visual Profiler 8.0

Thanks for a hint!