Visual Profiler Problem Is it a bug?

Hi all,
I have an important problem.

My problem: When I launch an analyse in nvvp, nothing is appening. I explain: the dialog box appears saying “Running application to generate timeline” but I wait and nothing more is appening. The console stills empty whereas it’s not the behaviour of my program. It should have some information print on the shell.
And if I click on Help->Welcome I arrive in a white page instead of the documentation.

The pilot of the GPU is now 295.20.

Do you know how to change/correct it? Is it a well known problem?


AFAIK, nvvp is actually an Eclipse module, so having Eclipse installed might very well be a prerequisite. Do you have it?

I don’t know how nvvp behaves under Eclipse, but it runs perfectly fine standalone and without Eclipse installed.

Maybe you can start up cuda-gdb/Nsight under nvvp and your program from there to see how it behaves under nvvp.


So it is running as I want. I checked some parameters according to your posts and it was my fault. Thanks for the hints.

But I still not having the welcome page, so the documentation. I never used nvvp before, how can I get the documentation?

Now that you mention it, I realize that the welcome page is empty for me as well under Linux (works on Mac OS though). What happens if you select Help->Help Contents? That works for me.

If I select Help->Help Contents, firefox try to open this webpage “” but I get the message “connection failed”. But I can go on internet in the other website.

I open nvvp with ‘ssh -X’ from another machine.

Which version of CUDA toolkit are you using & on what is your linux distro?

I am using the 4.1 version with the driver 295.20.
My linux distro is CentOS 6

I come back here!
Please could you say me how or where find the help for Visual Profiler?

Is there a personal firewall running on your machine that prevents that access?

I have no idea why Nvidia chose to deliver the help pages via a server instead of just using file:// URLs. Make things a bit more complicated than necessary.


I am in an company so I am not the administrator of my computer. But since I am in a company I guess there is a firewall. I can’t be sure because the administrator is not here today.
And I open Visual profiler from a ssh connection, maybe it is linked. I don’t know