Problem In Downloading Tegra Android Development Pack 2.0

I tried to download Tegra android development Pack 2.0 .I registered in Tegra Registered Developer Program But its showing the following warning
“Uh oh

The system has reported an “Access Denied " error…
i followed the instructions which is available in the same page.The Instructions i listed below…

You’ve tried to visit a login page when you’re already logged in. Continue to the Developer Zone Home Page .
You’ve tried to access a page or asset that requires additional privileges. Try the following:
Verify that you are logged in. Look at the top right hand corner:

  • if it says “Log Out” – you are ok.
  • if it says “Log In”, please follow that link and login.
    You may need to sign up for one of our “ Registered Developer Programs”, follow the “My Account” link AFTER you are logged in, and then “apply” for the program which fits you best.
    One example : Nsight, Visual Studio Edition requires being a member of that registered developer program.

Even though i tried above mention things i can’t download it.Please help me to find out to fix this issue

you have to join the Tegra Registered Developer Program (at the bottom of the page), and then wait a few days before they approve your application.
After that you receive an email and then you can login again and download the installer. Select the version you like to install and then it downloads and installs the components.

I’ve tried that too, it doesn’t work. The website doesn’t save my basic profile information when I enter it and click Save, so I cannot apply for the Tegra program.

Hey guys - we had some website issues over the weekend that broke the downloads.

Everything should be back up and working at this point - sorry for the inconvenience!

@sjones@nvdia, I am still facing the same issue. I am not able to download TADP 2.0

can you provide more information? what link are you going to? which part is failing?

also cywgin in the pack takes forever to download … took me 8 hours is it suppose to take more ?a