Unable to log into dev account

I just made a developer account so I could access the texture exporter tool. Upon completion of creating the account, I went to the page for the texture exporter (while logged in), and attempted to download it, only for it to give me an “access denied” page that stated I must be a “developer” to access it. I thought that’s what the whole point of this account was. I tried logging out and back in, only to realize that the site will not let me log back in. On multiple browsers, when I try to log in, I put in my email address and am met with a loading screen, then the site refreshes back to the home page, still saying “join” in the top left. Any way to fix this?

Hi @yeet12003,

It looks like you created the account but did not select the check box to “Join the Developer Program”. If you are having issues logging back in, please collect record the HAR file, and send back to me a via private message.


Oh thank you! I don’t know why, but for a while after I made the account, the developer page just said something along the lines of “you’re all set, continue to x.” But this time I went back and it let me join the program. So far, my issues have been resolved

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Great! I am happy to hear this.


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