Unable to Download


I am unable to download NVIDIA Texture Tools Exporter it keeps saying denied, even though I have signed up for the developer accunt as required. Could someone please help.

Kind regards

Hi thecodex101! I’m seeing if I can reproduce the issue, but there’s a couple of variables I don’t know about. Could you let me know the following things?

  • Which browser are you using? (In case it’s a browser-specific issue with downloads)
  • What is the full text of the error message you’re getting? Additionally, where does the error display? (e.g. in the download error bar, or as text in a webpage?)
  • Which version of the Texture Tools Exporter are you downloading? (The legacy version uses a slightly different download scheme than the current version, but we try to keep both up.)



I am having the same issue on OperaGX and Chrome. I am getting this error:

Access Denied

The file or page you have requested requires NVIDIA program membership. Please join one of the required programs to access this material.

I believe this is the 2021.2 version.
I have also noticed that if I log out of my account, the site just refresh loops when I try to log back in.

Thanks yeet12003! Looks like you and Tom solved it in this thread - @thecodex101, maybe the steps there will also make the download work for you?