problem with gtx745 on HP pavilion

I worked always good with my old GTX 9800, now I’m working with a new HP pavilion with gtx 745 oem.
My software written in CUDA on this card doesn’t function.
The listing is for problem of sorting numerical strings. goes in loop.
Why on GTX 745 doesn’t function ?
(an old hobbyst 80 years old)

Do you get any error or just an infinite loop?
Can you describe your operating system, driver and CUDA version?

Infinite loop.
Windows 10.
old versione of CUDA (the listing was written about 10 years ago
driver NVIDIA 369.30.
is a program of sorting .
On Compaq with Nvidia 103 the program function well.
Excuse my bad english

There are a few things to check.

  • Try to profile the program on a terminal with the command “nvprof your_program”, or with “cuda-memcheck your_program” just to see if these tools show any error or any hint;
  • In NVidia’s legacy CUDA download, check the CUDA version you have installed and read the operating system and driver version requirements for this particular CUDA version:
  • If you compiled the program with an older version of CUDA, which runs fine on old hardware but not on the 745M, maybe you can try the other way around: install a CUDA toolkit that supports both your 103 and 745M, like 7.0 or 7.5, and compile the program with support to CC 1.0.

See what nvprof and cuda-memcheck say.

The program was written by a programmer in 2008 and is now dead. I can not control how you told me.I am not clever for this work.
The pieces of the program are these:
GUI (executable)
Random number generator
Random number generator large
Cuda profile
Mersenne twister.dat
then I have a source and if you tell me someone to send you I’ll send you to help me solve the problem. In the control to be done on the console what is the program to be inserted? He always tells me he wants an exe file or in batch, but I do not know what that means. I read always in listing: “WIN32” may be important ?
Thanks a lot

for your info:
the program is interested in statistical sorting on billions of seriations (numerical strings). For example, a serialization is of the type
789 234 123 91 456 (to 5).
789 234 123 91 456 571 (to 6).
(max 3 figures)
The program randomly generates billions of these seriousnesses and I provide a 5 or 6-septation that he should look for me and tell me where he is, in what position he is.

Can you re-write for me an executable program and what is the cost?
and I could throw the old program and use the new one.

I would prefer the cuda and the nvidia card to have faster calculation speed. Currently, on the laptop or pc old with gtx 9800 the time is many minutes or hours to get the answer, but I would like to speed up.

I’m sorry to hear the programmer passed away.

Ok, so it can be more complicated than I imagined, specially because it has GUI, OpenGL and video decoding according to what you listed. Do you have any colleague around who is very familiar with IT-related stuff like checking versions, install packages and possibly recompile the program?

The WIN32 information you mention is important because a few of the dependencies are clearly 32bit. I thought it was just a command-line application that we could easily recompile. Is there documentation of this software and its dependencies?

Can I ask what the program does exactly and how important it is for you right now? Just to see if there is something else available around that you can readily use.

I have already replay on caratteristiche of my program-
Se the Post Last

I am awaiting your reply and help

Right now I am fully busy with one of my own programs and won’t have time to stop what I am working on and jump into another app. And by the end of next week I will be away from computers until december.

I will ask if a few other guys, who are very skilled and familiar with older CUDA versions, can step in here.