not compatible gtx 9800 - 820M- GTX 745

help me.
I had a pc with an old GTX 9800 and with a Cuda listing (statstical program) was all OK.
Now I purchased an HP pavilion with a gtx 745 and an HP with I7 and nvidia 820 M and both my program in CUDA doesnt function. WHY ?

Impossible to say without a lot more information (that will be inefficient to exchange in forum posts). Were these machines acquired new or used? I was not aware of a GTX 745 GPU, but apparently such a thing exists as a OEM product. What exactly does “not function” mean? Not function how? Is an error message being displayed? If so, what does it say?

It sounds like these computers may be laptops? If so, they may contain multiple GPUs, an integrated Intel one and a discrete NVIDIA one). You would have to make sure that the NVIDIA GPU is enabled, and that an appropriate NVIDIA driver is installed. Some laptops can make use of the generic NVIDIA drivers, others require drivers that have been adapted by the laptop vendor.

Did you recompile your CUDA code after moving to the new machines, or are you trying to run the CUDA accelerated old binary you created on your previous system on your new systems? If the former, what CUDA version do you have installed? If the latter, did you compile the application with embedded PTX? Since GPU architectures are not binary compatible, the only way to run CUDA code compiled for older architectures on newer ones is to use JIT compilation from PTX. If there is no PTX found, the application will fail to run. If the application is written with proper error checking, an error message should result.

I am not an expert for understanding your comment. If you want I can send you the information on CPU and card of old and new PC. (5 photo in png and pdf)
The pcs are new, the principal is a PC pavilion HP with OEM gtx 745. And the portable is an HP with Intel I7 with Nvidia OEM 820 M.
On old pc I have only installed the driver for GTX9800 without Cuda because the program is in .exe.
Thanks a lot for helping me
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Villamaina Giuseppe

My program runs as GUI but when must give the final result doesnt the right result, runs infinitely. without result.

If you have just a CUDA-accelerated binary (the .exe) you at least need a CUDA driver installed on your machine to run it.

The symptom you describe seems to suggest that this application is not compiled in a way that allows it to deal with newer GPU architectures via PTX just-in-time compilation, and possibly is not doing proper CUDA error checking either.

The best advice I can think of is to get in touch with the vendor (or creator) of that application and ask for assistance, maybe an upgrade to the latest version of the app is the way forward.

Good luck!

Thanks !

The vendors of machines are not able to solve the problem. They want sale only the machines !
The programmer that made the listing is died ! Many years ago I purchaSED a Tesla WITH 4 c 870 AND NEVER HAVE RUNNED.
The vendor never haS GIVEN ME ASSISTANCE !,

If you may GIVE ME the name of some programmer in the world (ALSO IN Italy) that can help me , I’ll thank. If you want I can send you the source of listing for helping me. Tell me how

Happy NEW YEAR !!