Problems with drivers installation RTX 3080 TI

Hi everyone, i have been trying to install drivers from 6 months ago , but every time that i had to reboot in order to active drivers, the system do not load and i have to access to BIOS and reinstall Ubuntu , i have tried ubuntu 22.04 LTS and now ubutnu 20.04 lts , the package of drivers is 525.89.02 as stated in the page of nvidia. I will atach a file of logs , and i would like to know what i am doing wrong or what i have to do in order to install drivers properly, i can reinstall ubuntu given that currently i have not important information stored. Please tell me i f i have to give any extra information , i am novice in this topic.
Thank you for any advice.
nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (114.6 KB)

Please either disable secure boot or reinstall ubuntu and choose “Install Third Party Software” during install.