Unknown Display Driver Not Loading - Ubuntu 22.04 3080 Ti

I recently updated my Ubuntu desktop to 22.04. Since then, my GPU, 3080Ti, isn’t detecting my monitors and the bug report is showing that the driver isn’t loaded. I’ve gone through a few troubleshooting attempts before getting here. Including:

  • Turning off secure boot
  • Purging NVIDIA drivers and re-installing the latest, 510
  • Confirmed that the GPU works on my windows OS (same workstation)
  • Reseated cables
  • Rebooted several times

I’m a bit at my wits end and I’m sure I’m just missing something stupid. But any help is appreciated. And due to being a number I can’t seem to attach the latest bug report

Please use the upload button (horizontal bar with upward arrow in the row of formatting options) to upload nvidia-bug-report.log.gz.
Or unzip it, then use pastebin.

nvidia-bug-report.log (938.3 KB)

You seem to have an incompatible kernel installed so the driver doesn’t compile. Please return to the stock kernel or use the liquorix ppa if you need the latest.