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I was wondering if anyone has any additional documentation, tutorials, examples for creating a product configurator. I’ve been following the “Product Configurator” page on Omniverse Docs, but it’s rather limited and not very clear. (Product Configurator — workflows latest documentation)

For example, a few of the confusing items in the documentation are:

  1. It mentions a tutorial with step-by-step videos and provides a link. If you follow the link it takes you to a page titled “Getting Started with Product Configurators”. But the only video on that page is of a Houdini Connector and example making power lines. I believe someone linked the wrong video.
  2. Directly beneath the “Configurator Utilities” section of the Doc it makes this statement:
    “Remember to start out in the starting usd stage - configurator_empty.usd:”
    What is this referring to? It says “Remember”, so it leads me to believe this was mentioned earlier but I can’t find record of it. I also don’t know where they are getting this “configurator_empty.usd” file from.
  3. The doc mentions examples that are available that users can dive into to explore, but then it doesn’t tell you what those examples are or where they can be found.

Anyway, I’m following the instructions in the Doc straight through as it’s written, and after I get to the part where I click the “Create Data Structure” button, then save the file,… the Product Configurator Panel pops open, but it’s empty. The verbiage in the Doc makes it sound like I should see options for my variants in that panel, but it’s empty.

Any help would be appreciated. But I also kindly recommend that someone re-work the Doc page for clarity and to fix errors.

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@tsosnoski i am just another user, so take my input as a grain of salt. it’s been a few months, so not sure if there has been changes to the documentation between then and now. i’ll try my best to answer some of your questions, and if the doc had been amended, feel free to move along:

  1. the step-by-step link should’ve directed you to the data structure tutorial page - Tutorials — Omniverse Workflows latest documentation
  2. i think the wording of “remember” is simply adding emphasis for future rather than to ask the reader to recall what was said (that’s my interpretation at least). the “configurator_empty.usd” can be found in your nucleus server - omniverse://localhost/NVIDIA/Assets/Configurator/2023_1/DataStructure/configurator_empty.usd (which is also mentioned atop of the page Data Structure — Omniverse Workflows latest documentation)
  3. the examples can also be found in the nucleus server - omniverse://localhost/NVIDIA/Assets/Configurator/2023_1/Examples/
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Hi there.
Thank you for the feedback and reaching out.
The documentation pages regarding configurators have been reworked.

The tutorial page has been updated

Can you give this a go.

  1. Open omniverse://localhost/NVIDIA/Assets/Configurator/2023_1/DataStructure/configurator_empty.usd stage and save as somewhere else.
  2. Drag and drop an asset where you have authored variants on it into the “Configurable_Assets” scope
  3. Create Data Structure

Does this work for you?

Thanks again for your feedback

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Thanks Simplychenable!

Thanks cakesson!