profiler with cuda 2.2

“error in reading profiler output. No data rows in profiler output file.”

I keep getting the above message when trying to use the profiler. I have cuda 2.2, Visual studio 2005, sp1, admin rights on a windows xp machine, 32 bit. I used the profiler previously(versions 1.0 and 1.1).
Thr code runs just fine, as its output is presented in the output window with correct results.

Also, although I make changes to the project, the “save” button remains inactive. (is it required that at least one session is executed without error to be able to make modifications to the project?)
I write because I already spent some time with it, but didn’t manage to make it work.

I had similar problem and it was happening because I had a “scanf” statement at the end of my program. This means the execution of the program will not finish. I am not sure if you have similar problem where the execution time of your program is greater than the session “Max Execution Time” parameter which is 30 seconds by default.

I hope that helps!


Thanks for your answer.
I also had those issues in the past. This time the program finishes its job without any timeout, and the results are presented in the output window.
I can use the compiler with files in the SDK. This implies that there’s something with my code, but I check for errors in the code and don’t get any. Also, the result is fine. I’m compiling for compute capability 1.3.

Do you use another device than device 0?

No, I only have one device (the monitor runs on an igp). The desktop is extended to the cuda gpu. I use streams, and async calls for memcpy.

Looks like I’ve got the same issue. But I have vista x64 installed - profiler counters were unsuppoerted for this system, but now with 2.2 version, it’s said that it should work now…

The same problem here - I can profile projects from the SDK but not my own code. I have the same error “No data rows” which is indeed the fact in the csv file.

I tried to profile on the command line with the same result: the config file is read, but the generated log file has only head rows.

It seems that people have had this problem in the past, but it is usually fixed by upgrading to the most recent version of the profiler.

Vista 32bit
Cuda 2.2
GeForce 8800 GTX

I’ve had success profiling the same code with CUDA 2.1 (profiler 1.0) under ubuntu.

anyone have any tips for us?

I’ve got exactly the same problem today. Adding an explicit call “cudaThreadExit()” at the end of the program resolved the issue.

Hope that helps.

Thanks a million. This trick worked for me as well. This profiler issue was driving me nutso!!

I also got the same error report when there are not kernels run on the GPU.

I don’t know if other problems also can result such error.

I have had this problem for small kernels.

The solution was to loop around my whole code a couple of times to add some run-time to it. Of course you want to remove that once it enters production ;-)

it works for me too, thanks a lot !

i am using cuda 2.2, vs2008, on win7 rc x64 (but complied to win32 platform)

I can confirm that the solution talex24 suggests worked for me as well. Also, make sure you are exiting your main loop correctly (return a value if it is declared int main). Thanks!