PTP Configuration on Aurix


I’m trying to synchronize some external hardware from the PTP packets generated by Aurix. I enabled ptp with gptpon command according to the following documentation:

I was able to observe packets with Wireshark however my target device cannot receive packets with the default configuration.

Is the configuration of PTP customizable on Aurix? If so how can I change the PTP settings of the device?

Hardware Platform: DRIVE AGX Xavier™ Developer Kit
Software Version: DRIVE Software 10
Host Machine Version: Ubuntu 18.04

Hi @alperk, How do you tell your target device cannot receive packets with the default configuration?

Please check below links to see if helps.

Hi @VickNV,

Sorry for the late reply. My target device (LIDAR) has an interface showing if it can synchronize with PTP and with how much precision. I was able to synchronize the device by modifying the drive-t186ref-linux/samples/nvavb/daemons/gPTP.cfg and running ptp4l on Xavier like the example in the documentation. I’m attaching the configuration file below.
gPTP.cfg (1.5 KB)

The problem with this approach is that under CPU load the ptp4l seems to loose precision up to a point that the device is no longer locked. My question is that can I modify the PTP settings on aurix to match this configuration, so that I can provide PTP from Aurix instead of Xavier?

We will check it and update you here. Thanks1

It doesn’t support aurix ptp configuration.

Only suggestion is to try to pin the Tegra/Linux ptp4l process to a different core from the one running the app causing the high CPU load. Thanks!