setting correct time on xavier

Every time I boot into Xavier, it’s time gets reset to something in 2019 and I am unable to correct the time manually.
As I understand, there is PTP service running to synchronize time through the aurix mcu. I am not able to find documentation/resources that explain what conditions must be met for the time sync to work correctly.

Please explain how to do the following:

  1. Turn off PTP sync and set time manually, in case xavier is not connected to the internet

  2. According to this FAQ on nvidia developer forum, first I need to set the correct time on the aurix? How do I connect to the aurix to set the time?

  3. Do I have to do this PTP configuration every time I power cycle the board? Is there any way to avoid doing this every time?

Hi anurag08upx,

Please refer to the section in DRIVE OS development guide:

and the section for Aurix serial console communication:


Thanks VickNV

The steps specified in the links worked for setting time on aurix and enabling time sync.

But the issue is that everytime the Aurix reboots it resets the time and I have to do these steps again.

Is there a way to avoid doing these steps after every reboot? Basically have aurix time setting persist across reboots?

Please follow “CAN Realtime Clock” section of "NVIDIA DRIVE OS SDK Development Guide
" to get RTC time. Thanks!