Xavier time sync error


we find that local time and rtc time not sync sometimes , follow picturs ,

lcoal time don’t change per senconds,interval not fixed,example:
watch -n0 date

then will be watch the time not sync.


What’s the time on the top in the video?

Hi ShaneCCC,

Thank you very much for your reply!

The time on the top in the video is the correct time on the linux server, used to compare the time on the Xavier.


I check the watch -n0 date from Xavier compare with Time.is - 在任何時區的精確時間 without problem.
Could you have detail step for checking. Also what the version? I am check on r32.5.1

Hi ShaneCCC,

Thank you very much for your reply again!
I use Jectpack4.4.

This problem does not exist in every Xavier, it is an individual phenomenon, we use the following command"watch -n0 timedatectl" to test, the problem is that time is not synchronized,see the following video:


Any comment for this issue?