Published application - black window

I’m currently building a new Citrix environment for one of our customers and have created some published applications for testing. When I start published applications, the application window sometimes goes black or partly black. When the published application windows is black, I can interact with it (resize, close in top right corner), but it stays black not matter what I do. The same goes for the partially black windows. I can use the application, but the black part/section of the window stays black. See attached screenshots for examples.

I’ve also experienced this with a published desktop running in windowed mode, where a large part of the desktop is black, but once I resize the desktop window, the black disappears and returns to normal.

I removed the vGPU profile from a XenApp server and booted it without GPU (None) and haven’t been able to reproduce the same error on that server. Not sure if it’s related to the drivers or vGPU profile.

My setup is:

  • HP Proliant DL380 Gen9 servers
  • 2 NVIDIA M10 cards in each server
  • XenServer 7.12
  • XenApp 7.14.1
  • Windows Server 2016
  • Provisioning Services 7.14
  • StoreFront 3.12
  • Citrix Receiver 4.9
  • NVIDIA-GRID-XenServer-7.2-384.73-385.41 drivers
  • NVIDIA License Server 2017.08-0001.
  • NVIDIA Virtual Applications licenses (vApps)
  • XenApp servers have 4 vCPU and 48GB RAM
  • M10-8A vGPU profile for XenApp servers

Does anyone have any input on this?

It’s a known issue:

This will help:

Second bullet point down:

Hi Ben,

According to the discussion threads Citrix have confirmed that it’s a problem. There’s a private hotfix (LC7875) that is available for XenApp 7.14.1 (which I’m using). I will request it though a support case. Citrix is working on a permanent fix for the masses in a future release.

Thanks again for your help, you’re a lifesaver.