PxBoxGeometry Collision is different to PxPlane

I have recently switched to using PxBoxGeometry instead of PxPlane for some walls in my game. The only interaction with the walls is using a ball but the collision doesn’t seem to work as it did before.

When bouncing the ball against the wall at an angle the Ball sometimes comes off almost perpendicular to the wall. This is quite strange and I can’t seem to figure out why.

I am using the same material which is ( This is also for the ball ):
mPhysics->createMaterial(0.5f, 0.5f, 1.0f); //static friction, dynamic friction, restitution

When doing some Debugging with the PVD I noticed the angular velocity was quite high like 38.0 when it initially bounced off the wall and then set to 7.0( the max ) in the frame after. so I set the MaxAngularVelocity to 70.0 rather than 7.0 for the ball as everything else in my simulation is 10x larger. This didn’t work either, Pretty much stumped as of what to do next.

Hope someone can help me, Cheers


Can you store the pvd somehwere so that it can be downloaded? If you can’t do this I can pm you with a link that will allow you to securely share the pvd.