python3-libnvinfer from 4.1.1 jetpack install with tensor 5.0.3


I installed my Jetson Javier with the latest jetpack
(including 5.0.3 of tensorrt)

And it seems that it doesnt embed the python3-libnvinfer.
It also doesnt have the uff.

Do you know how i can have them ?

Thank you!

Found that on the Web.
This may still be the case right ?


Please remember that TensorRT python API is only available on x86 environment. It also requires PyCUDA installed first.

You can follow this page to install PyCUDA.

After that, please follow this page to install TensorRT.

Thx !


Python API aarch64 support will start from the next TensorRT version.
Please pay attention to our announcement for the release.