Quadro K2200 + Tesla K40C + Ubuntu

Please, help me!
I’ve got experience in configuring systems, based on single GPU card.

But I need to set up system with hardware:
1 X Quadro K2200
2 X Tesla K40C
When I use search driver page, there is no appropriate driver for both.

I need work with CUDA (i prefer version 8) + Caffe + other frameworks.


  1. What driver I have to install for working both Tesla and Quadro?
  2. Maybe, somewhere there is instruction/tutorial for setting up systems with multiple GPUs?
  3. Which way is the best:
  • install drivers from CUDA Toolkit
  • install drivers from deb/run/repo?

I would just install the CUDA 8 cuda toolkit. Whether you use the package manager method or the runfile installer method:


you will get a driver that is compatible with both K2200 and K40c

Whether you use runfile or package manager, get your installers from http://www.nvidia.com/getcuda

now that CUDA 9 is released, CUDA 8 is no longer current. If you want CUDA 8, scroll down to the bottom of the page and use the “Legacy Releases” link.