Quadro M4000 2D Video Performance

I often use Passmark’s benchmark program in getting a general idea on how my computer is performing. The problem is the 2D video performance testing. Before all the Windows 10 Spectre, Meltdown and MDS patches and BIOS update, my 2D video performance tested very well. After these patches, it became really slow… over 50% loss in performance. The CPU, Memory, SSD speed and 3D performance tests almost the same as before any of these patches were released. The Advanced Vectors and Windows interface test is downright shameful. The big question is what is causing this loss of 2D performance… is it the NVidia driver or is it something else. Since I’ve only seen a minimal if any loss of performance with the CPU, memory, SSD speed and 3D performance, I have to assume that it’s the video driver. I’m using Windows 10 pro for workstations build 1903. I have had issues with the latest NVidia drivers not working correctly… if you change the PhysX from auto select to the video card… it’s shows the correct setting. Then if you relaunch the NVidia control again, the box becomes greyed out and CPU shows up as the only PhysX choice. Reinstalling the driver is the only way to fix it. I’d like to see the 2D performance improve… all advice is welcome here.