Quadro P2000 Not Working With 2560x1080 Display Resolution.

I recently upgraded my 3D workstation from an old Firepro to a Quadro P2000.
I have two LG 25UM58-P “ultrawide” monitors with a native resolution of 2560x1080.

After installing all the necessary updates to the monitors and to the Quadro P2000, I am not able to set the 2560x1080 resolution.

Everything worked fine with the firepro and I could run the correct resolution.
With the Quadro the resolution does not appear in the windows display settings, nor in the NVIDIA Control Panel.

When adding the 2560x1080 resolution manualy to the NVIDIA Control Panel, the correct resolution works for a few seconds (about 2-3 seconds where everything displays correctly), and then suddenly the screen goes to a flickering black. This happens on both my monitor setups.

I have entered in contact directly with Nvidia support but so far we haven’t been able to find a solution.

Maybe someone here has some insight.

Thank you in advance for the attention and advice.

Apparently setting the HZ on the custom resolution to 50hz fixed it.
I had tried 60hz, 70hz and 75hz (its supposed to be a 75hz monitor), but never tried 50hz.
For some reason, when setting it to 50hz on the NVIDIA control panel custom resolution settings, it works.

Which display adapter are you using?

Most likely, the display adapter you are currently using to link the HDMI cable and the card is not a recommended adapter.

Here’s a list of recommended adapters you can use:


Also, what driver version are you using?

Ryan Park

Thanks for answering your own question jcmatoskx! Really cool for posterity’s sake! I had this same issue, wasted a bunch of time, but found your post: running at 50 hertz allowed me to do 2560x1080 without the system crashing. I’m wondering if buying a recommended adapter will allow me to get 75 hi??

No problem mate. According to the comment from the nvidia dev it should.
I haven’t purchased one yet because the 50hz work perfectly fine for me and I haven’t had any further issues. The recommended adapters are not too expensive, but I use 4 of these screens in my office and considering I already had these adapters available it didn’t make sense for me to buy all new ones just for this.

im a newbie. Have the same setup and 50 hz worked just as described. took a look atthe recommended adapters, but i cant determine which is the correct one . any advice? dp1.4 to HDMI?